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Fall Remodeling? Donít Start Without Reading This

    As temperatures cool down, and we prepare for a season of shorter, darker days, itís time to  
think about the inside of your home - how to make it as glorious on gloomy days as it was  
during the brilliant sunshine of summer. Oh good: Projects!
But wait. Donít let the excitement of improving your home get in the way of proper planning.  
Rushing your project list can lead to unnecessary spending and less-than-thrilling final results.  
Hereís what you need to consider before picking up a hammer or swiping a credit card:
Decide on your budget and schedule. Youíll need to know exactly how much money  
you have available for your remodeling projects and how much time you want to  
dedicate to it. You absolutely need to have these figures decided before starting  
Make a list of what needs to be done and what would be nice to have done. It may turn  
out that your budget and schedule can only accommodate half your needs, or maybe  
youíll find you have the time and money to cover your needs and at least one ďwant.Ē  
Look at your list, prioritize and decide which projects to tackle now.
Donít let Pinterest get the better of you; just like a celebrity hairstyle, what looks good  
in a photo might not work for your space (or your head.) Be realistic about what can be  
achieved in your home, based on its current ďbonesĒ and your budget.
For financial reasons, it can be tempting to try to Do It Yourself. But unless youíre  
extra handy, turn to the experts to make your project dreams come true. An experienced,  
reputable contractor will find any flaws in your plans, make suggestions and produce a  
final product that not only looks good, but is secure, safe and strong.
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